Penguin & Bear founders - Clare & Ian

Penguin & Bear founders - Clare & Ian

About Us

We are a company that focuses on providing our guests with accommodation that makes their holiday one that they will always remember.

Our accommodation is based in Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island. 

Our love of the local land, the people, and all that the island has to offer makes us proud to roll out the welcome mat and invite you to consider Penguin & Bear for your next stay on Prince Edward Island.

How Penguin & Bear came to be

We, Ian (Penguin) and Clare (Bear) met in Sydney, Australia in 2014.  

Together, we share a love of travel, meeting new people, and exploring the road less travelled. Prior to Clare moving to Sydney to shack up with Ian, we spent many weekends meeting up in different parts of Australia -  preferring to stay at B&Bs that offered a local and personalized touch of the area.

Ian first took Clare back to Prince Edward Island for Christmas in 2015. Clare instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the island and the warmth of its people. Ian’s cottage was built the year prior to moving to Australia so it was only a matter of time before we decided to create a business that celebrates the things that we enjoy the most.

Our Mission

We believe that vacations should be stress free, relaxing, and enjoyable. We also believe the interaction of the local community, its people, and their stories differentiate a good vacation from a great one.

Our mission is to bring our guests together with the produce, products, and stories of the community while offering spectacular accommodations and customer service in an idyllic country setting.

The Latest - Our blog, Red Sticks

We encourage our guests to slow down, put their feet up and enjoy all the community comforts of island country living. Please check our blog, Red Sticks for all the latest tidbits and stories from the island.