The Farmhouse is the latest Penguin & Bear project and is one that we are extremely excited about.  

While out one afternoon in May, we stumbled upon a farmhouse in Tyne Valley that was in need of a new location and some TLC.

When chatting to the former owner of The Farmhouse, we discovered that the house is a staggering 118 years old and had originally been part of a bigger home (pictured below).  We loved the notion of preserving some of this house's history and giving it another lease on life. 

On the 19th of December 2017, on a frosty but mild tempered day, The Farmhouse was moved a mere 4km away from its original location - now resting on Willie Birch Road.  While the journey wasn't far, it did require a lot of help and on the day of the move, help was plentiful.  The Farmhouse had been sitting on beams and then a truck well in advance of the move date and was finally ushered by traffic controllers, loaders and plenty of spectators - many of whom shared fond memories of The Farmhouse.  Power lines were brought down to make way for the roaming home where it was magnificently placed on its new foundation.  The timing of the move couldn't have been more perfect - only days before, the ground would have been too wet to make the move possible. 

The next chapter for The Farmhouse will see this beauiful home shine once more. The house will have a full makeover that will include new features such as a wrap around deck to soak in the water views and a luxe loft space.  As the renovations progress, we will be updating our social channels and keep our subscribers in the loop. In the meantime if you would like a sneak peak of the inside of the house click here.  There's a lot of work to be done but once it's complete the transformation should make it well worth it. 

The Farmhouse is located on the same road as The Cottage which makes for a 3 minute walk between accommodations (handy if you are travelling with friends or family but want your own space). 

The latest snaps of The Farmhouse


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August 2018

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Before photos

A special thank you to the following people who have made The Farmhouse move possible!

Shawn Ellis - Our rockstar builder, adviser and all around savior. 

Waugh's Construction (The movers) -  We could see how you did it but are still floored by how smoothly the process went and how quickly you brought our home to her new home.

The Veale's - We truly appreciate your support throughout the move, especially since it involved giving your trees a haircut. 

Carolyn McKillop - Otherwise known to us as Super Mom.  Carolyn was up early with her lens to capture the epic move. 

Maritime Electric - Taking down power lines in winter could have been extremely tricky.  Lucky for us it was done quickly and more importantly safely. 

Once complete The Farmhouse can sleep up to 8 people. Bookings requests can be made here.

The Big Move 

 The Stanley Maynard House, the farmhouse originally part of this home

The Stanley Maynard House, the farmhouse originally part of this home