Lennox Island

In Malpeque Bay, a short distance from The Cottage, lies Lennox Island.

There is no time line for the First Peoples of Canada and when they settled in our area; however, storytelling tradition goes back thousands of years. The ancestors of the Mi’kmaq were 'gatherers' — fish, berries, wood for baskets. They travelled and lived in camps in the area: Northam, Tyne Valley, Port Hill, Conway Narrow, Freeland, and Portage. Hogg Island, also in Malpeque, was a sacred settlement and many Mi’kmaq are buried there.

There are many stories of hardship, struggle and survival. There are also many stories of success and triumph. Two books of interest at the cottage are Ni’n na L’nu: The Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island by A.J.B. Johnston and Jesse Francis, and Micmac by Choice by M. Olga McKenna.

In the fall of 2016, CBC profiled five communities in Canada facing serious threats from climate change. Lennox Island was one of these communities: the forecast is not bright—it is reported to have lost one square kilometre of land in a single generation. At this rate, 50 percent of the island could be underwater in 50 years.

You will be warmly welcomed to experience all that Lennox Island has to offer and learn more about this unique settlement. Stop at the Eco Tourism Centre and the Cultural Centre as well as walk the “Path of Our Forefathers.” Gifted artisans showcase original woodwork, painting, jewelry and basket weaving.

To visit Lennox Island, take Hwy. #12 from the cottage to Tyne Valley, continue past Ellerslie and take Rte. #163 to Lennox Island.

To learn more about Lennox Island you can visit www.lennoxisland.com, or watch the North Cape Costal production via Youtube. 

Article by Carolyn McKillop