Explore PEI while geocaching

Do you consider yourself a treasure hunter?  That is pretty much what geocaching is about!  If you enjoy a walk in nature combined with a bit of adventure, then explore PEI with a GPS or your smart phone.  Download a free app and you’re ready to track the cache.

What exactly is a cache, you ask?  A cache is a small container, most likely camouflaged and a little off a beaten track or trail.  The cache is waterproof and contains a log book or perhaps even pins, badges or small toys.  There are thousands hidden in Prince County alone!  

When you find a cache, remove the log, enter the date found and sign your user name.  Then replace the cache in the same spot you found it.  Log onto the geocache site, and in many instances, you will find history of the area and many interesting stories.  You can see what others have written and how many have been adventuresome in the same area you just traversed.

Geocaching is enjoyed world-wide; so why not give it a try? You never know it might just end up being your new favourite outdoor activity.  On beaches, in parks, deserted roads, in forests, graveyards, in secluded areas across PEI, get out and enjoy the beauty of our Island.  A great place to begin your geocache experience is Green Park—a 4-minute drive from The Cottage!

For more information and to register:  www.geocaching.com

Article by Carolyn McKillop